Reminder: All indoor social gatherings are banned as of November 24, 2020

‚ÄčThe following letter was shared with PWPSD parents/guardians on December 1, 2020: 

December 1, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On November 24, 2020, the Government of Alberta announced mandatory restrictions to protect the health system and slow the spread of COVID-19, including returning Grades 7-12 students to at-home learning, and banning all indoor social gatherings.


Peace Wapiti Public School Division reminds families that student gatherings in homes for school-related Google Meets or other school work is not permitted, in accordance with the Government of Alberta's mandatory restrictions on social gatherings, announced November 24, 2020.


We invite parents to visit the Government of Alberta website at, and note the section on gathering restrictions that states,

"Alberta declared a State of Public Health Emergency to protect the health care system from COVID-19. Indoor social gatherings are the top source of transmission. All indoor social gatherings have been banned. This ban will be enforced with $1,000 fines.

    • No indoor social gatherings are permitted in any setting (private homes, public spaces or workplaces)
    • Outdoor social gatherings are limited to 10 people and must not have an indoor component."



Peace Wapiti Public School Division