PWPSD Good News Report – May 2021


June 3 is Mental Wellness Day for Schools –
Take care of yourself and each other

student viewing computer monitor

On June 3, 2021, schools can access free, online sessions on mental wellness, hosted by the Government of Alberta. There are individual sessions for Kindergarten to Grade 3, Grades 4 to 6 and Grades 7 to 12 students – as well as teachers, staff and parents. All share a common theme: ‘Take care of yourself and each other.’

It’s a way of recognizing the resilience of school communities during this difficult year and offering some fun, engaging sessions on supporting mental wellness together.

View the schedule of online sessions on the Government of Alberta website. More details and session access information will be posted on the website soon.

School News

Beaverlodge Elementary School

Grade 3 explores building in science

student shows his building structure

Grade 3 student Nixon Jones proudly displays his science project. Students were challenged to build a structure using a variety of materials. Well done!

Clairmont Community School

Clairmont students show support for seniors, autism and epilepsy

students visiting seniors from outside

After the Grade 7 visit to the Lakeview Senior Centre in January, more CCS classes have been paying a monthly visit, like the Grade 5 and 6 students (pictured) who visited at a distance earlier in May. Grade 2 students joined in on the fun by helping to make posters. Participating students say that walking to the seniors’ home and holding up signs for residents to read from their windows can make their day, and they encourage others to do the same. “It’s the little things that will put a smile on their faces.”

Students at Clairmont Community School wore blue to show their support on Autism Awareness Day. The colour blue symbolizes understanding and acceptance, part of the Light it Up Blue campaign by Autism Speaks. Students also participated in Odd Socks Day which reflects the anti-bullying and ‘kindness is contagious’ messaging of Pink Shirt Day. On Epilepsy Awareness Day, students and staff wore purple to express their care.

Harry Balfour School

Students stay connected during temporary shift to remote learning

learning at home

HBS students continued their academic studies and options throughout the temporary shift to at-home learning. Students participated in Foods challenges and submitted photos for a photography contest in the Grande Prairie area. For their efforts, students received ‘Golden Spoon Awards’ and delicious treats.

Students and staff stayed engaged by participating in Wellness Challenges such as Take a Break Tuesday, Meet us on Monday, and Think About it Thursday.

dinosaur virtual presentation

A virtual presentation by the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum provided engaging learning for students in Grades 2, 3 and 7. 

Junior Kindergarten continued with in-person learning and enjoyed having the entire building to play in while Kindergarten to Grade 8 students learned at home.


Recent HBS events

students participating in special events

Prior to the move to at-home learning, students and staff had fun during the school-wide clean-up event on Earth Day.

Grade 8 Science students dissected a cow eye, observing the cornea, pupil, lens, vitreous humor, and retina.

Grade 1 students participated in Hats On! For Mental Health Day.

Students and staff enjoyed May the 4th Be With You, also known as Star Wars Day.

Students looked forward to returning to school to finish off their last round of options. Pictured are students participating in the recent Baseball Option and their Acting & Film Option which included having headshots taken to build their acting portfolios.

Helen E. Taylor School

‘Food Bank Battles’ in support of Wembley Food Bank

kids with food bank items

Helen E. Taylor School is saying thank you to the Grade 5B students and Mrs. Bowman for engaging students and staff in a worthwhile community endeavour. The class created a Food Bank Battles launch video to kick off a school-wide friendly competition to collect donations for the Wembley Food Bank. Students and staff used their food donations as ballots to vote for favourite hockey teams, pets, snacks, video games and more. As evidenced by the amount of food collected, HET was not shy on votes. Way to go, 5B and HET!


LaGlace School

Students learn about farming and fundraising

child with a calf

Principal Heidi Hargreaves would like to thank the Conrad family for hauling newborn calves to the school to provide students with a hands on learning opportunity.

The school’s Leadership Team ran a successful “change fundraiser” in support of Ronald McDonald House, challenging students to see who could bring in the most money. Macey and Kynzie Barid (pictured) were the winners of the challenge. The school received a total of $705 in donations through this initiative. Way to go, La Gators!

Peace Wapiti Academy

Gingerbread houses, charcuterie boards and new spirit wear

gingerbread houses

Mrs. Kendall and Mrs. Fehr's Grades 10, 11, and 12 Foods student created stunning gingerbread houses. The school says, “So much time and effort went into these creations. Good job, Foods students!”

  • Sunday Afternoon (left) by Melia C., Mason M. and Shay W.
  • Little Red Riding Hood (middle, top) by Teaghan M., Linden R. and Caden K.
  • Winter Paradise (middle, second from top) by Ronnie W. and Logan H.
  • Fairy Nook (middle, bottom) by Megan M., Madeline W. and Summer B.
  • Forgotten Woods (right) by Wayde K., Austin W., Jerry B. and Reed D.

chacuterie boards

The Foods 20/30 class worked hard on charcuterie boards as part of their Entertaining with Food module. The school says the boards were equally beautiful and delicious. 

  • By Blake N., Akryn C. and Jerry B. (top left)
  • By Brady P., Caelan H. and Keeley H. (bottom left)
  • By Nikolas O., Reed D. and Shelby P. (right)


staff wearing spirit wear

PWA Support Staff gathered for a picture to show off their new spirit wear.


virtual Hats On! For Mental Health Day

PWA teacher Alina Ovsiy and students participated in a virtual Hats On! For Mental Health Day on May 5.



PWPSD Remote Learning

Grade 3 student learns engineering with help from Dad

girl welding

“Mya Jonke from Grovedale was tasked with building a bridge that would hold weight for our Building unit in Grade 3 Science,” says Lori Szmul, a Teacher with PWPSD Remote Learning. “Her dad taught her some basic welding skills and this is what she made. I am so impressed with how parents have stepped up and made learning so authentic for our remote students.”


Robert W. Zahara Public School

HERo Hockey – Grade 5 student launches clothing line to support girls in hockey, receives shout-out from Hayley Wickenheiser

young female hockey player

Kennady Bruun (middle) is pictured on the playground with her brother and accountant, Stratton who is in Grade 3, and her sister and manager, Blake who is in Grade 1. They are surrounded by just a few of the students and families who have supported HERo Hockey since it was launched in March. When hockey great Hayley Wickenheiser (right) received a sweatshirt from Kennady, she gave her a shout-on social media.

RWZ Grade 5 student, Kennady Bruun is on a mission, one that has nabbed the attention of none other than female hockey great, Hayley Wickenheiser who recognized her efforts with a shout out on social media, sending Kennady “over the moon.”

“Kennady wants to change the perception that hockey is just for boys,” says RWZ Assistant Principal Stacy Rorem. “As an avid and skilled hockey player, she is frustrated by the low numbers of females playing hockey and the lack of representation in the media and at retail locations.”

“There have been no more than two girls on my team, and some years I was the only girl,” Kennady writes on her website. “I also wondered why it was, when I walked into sports stores, all of the gear and apparel was focused mainly toward males. This didn’t make sense to me because I play hockey, I am a girl and I am better than some of the boys, too.”

A few months ago, Kennady and her mom came up with the idea of launching a brand called HERo Hockey. The idea behind her brand is not just selling shirts, but to bring knowledge, awareness, representation and support for women's hockey.

On her website, Kennady adds, “Whoever your HER is…if it’s your sister, your mother, your daughter, your hero or yourself. We all need to stand up and PLAY FOR HER!”

In addition to launching her brand, Kennady decided early on that she wanted to give back and has developed the HERo Fund. A portion of profits, along with any donations made to the HERo Fund, will go directly to encouraging girls to play hockey by working closely with local hockey associations to help with equipment and registration costs for girls in need. Find out more about HERo Hockey at


RWZ proud of Grade 6 Leadership Team
RWZ leadership team

RWZ would like to acknowledge their amazing Grade 6 Leadership Team.

“These kids have completed many tasks for us this year,” says Assistant Principal Stacy Rorem.

“The group provides daily announcements over the intercom, delivers concession food to classes, manages gym equipment, plans school spirit events, runs monthly assemblies, organizes food sales, and more – all while working within their cohorts and following new rules and routines. We so appreciate their flexibility, hard work, and energy.

“Their efforts have not only made things run more smoothly, but also helped to make us all feel a little more connected. These Grade 6 Leaders, and RWZ kids, have been amazing this year. We are so proud of each and every one of them.”

student leadership team


Upcoming Events

  • June is National Indigenous History Month

  • Mental Wellness Day in Schools: Thursday, June 3. View the schedule of online sessions for students, parents, staff and educational leaders on the Government of Alberta website.

  • Administrator Meeting: Tuesday, June 8

  • Final Board Meeting of the 2020-21 School Year: Thursday, June 17, 10:30 a.m.

  • First day of summer: Sunday, June 20

  • Happy Father’s Day: Sunday, June 20

  • National Indigenous Peoples Day: Monday, June 21

  • Last day of school for students: Friday, June 25.

  • Last day of school for staff and Science 30 Diploma Exam writers: Monday, June 28.

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