PWPSD Good News Report – March 2022


Alberta Education Assurance Surveys
Alberta Education

Have you received your Alberta Education Assurance Survey in the mail?

Alberta Education is conducting its annual education surveys with all parents and guardians of students in Grades 4, 7, and 10, and those in schools with fewer than 120 students in Grades 4-12. The survey gathers information on the quality of education provided by school authorities and their schools. The results are provided to each school and school authority to: 

  • Develop their education plans;
  • Report in their annual results reports; and
  • Evaluate school and school authority performance on Alberta Education Assurance survey measures.

This is your opportunity to influence your child's education, simply by completing and returning the survey by April 1, 2022.

If you have questions or would like more information about the Assurance Surveys, please contact your school.


Substitute Spotlight Series


Ms. Bachinsky

The Alberta Teachers’ Association’s Substitute Teachers’ Appreciation Week was held March 14-18, and with approximately 90 substitute teachers serving PWPSD students and staff, we have a lot to be thankful for!

Our Substitute Spotlight series interviewed seven of our amazing substitute teachers, which allowed us to learn just a little bit about these great team members!

Fun Facts:

  • Miss William’s favourite school memories always took place on field trips!
  • Ms. Whittaker originally wanted to become a lawyer, but channeled her fascination of Constitutional and Charter Law into a Social Studies specialty.
  • Miss McNeil’s favourite book is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
  • Miss Mullen graduated from Sexsmith Secondary School and her most influential teacher was Mrs. Hartman!
  • Mrs. Leblanc would make a great fifth Wiggle.
  • Mrs. Rautenstrauch loves spending time with her family, camping, and cruising.
  • Ms. Bachinsky has been teaching for 22 years!

Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for the rest of the interviews and to learn more about our Substitute Spotlights!


Literacy workshops return in-person

Literacy Workshops

In early March, Grade 1-6 teachers had the opportunity to attend one of three literacy workshops and they were happy to be back in-person! The workshops focused on sound production, penmanship, synthetic phonics, and writing.


School News

Alternative Education

Students learn about Métis culture through art

Students had the opportunity to learn about Métis culture through an art lesson with Angela Hall from the Rupertsland Education Community Connections. Ms. Hall is a Métis artist and she spent time teaching the students a calming exercise called Infinity Meditation while working on art.

The art projects were based on the infinity sign, which is a symbol of Métis culture. The students enjoyed exploring opposites while working on their infinity art.


Students learn about perseverance from Canadian athletes


Grade 4-8 students were invited to hear from Canadian Olympians Keegan Messing and Jocelyn Laroque, Paralympians Frederique Turgeon and Tyler Turner, and host Martha McCabe on various issues pertaining to perseverance. The students were thoroughly entertained as they listened to the athletes talk about the hurdles they have faced on their journey to the world stage.

Students were especially impressed by Tyler Turner’s story of losing both his legs and then becoming a Paralympic snowboarder for Team Canada. The Olympians and Paralympians were honest and open about what they have gone through; they even spoke about the challenges of remote learning!


Beaverlodge Elementary School

Students feeling the success


Congratulations Ethan O’Connell for winning an autographed card from Geoff Walker and the rest of Team Gushue, 2022 Beijing Olympic Bronze Medalists and Brier Champions.

Go Walker

Reid Merriam and Gavin Hido give Geoff Walker the thumbs up as he and Team Gushue head to Worlds.


Grade 4s use creative ways to learn


Grade 4N students used sticky notes to learn about area and perimeter.


Beaverlodge Regional High School

Link Centre excited about new medicine wheel rug

Medicine Wheel

The BRHS Link Centre received one of the 2021 ATA Diversity, Equity and Human Rights grants and used their money to purchase a beautiful handmade medicine wheel rug. The rug will be used as a focal point in the space and to provide cultural teachings. The integral and powerful Indigenous symbol has enhanced the space, and is helping to further reconciliation in education by creating space for Indigenous voice and presence within the school.


Bonanza School

Kindergarteners beat the winter blues with Beach Day

Beach Day

The Kindergarten class enjoyed some ‘fun in the sun’ during Beach Day!


Jake and Amy welcome three healthy chicks

 Baby chick

The students were thrilled to see the Grade 5-6 classroom cockatiels, Jake and Amy, welcomed three baby chicks to the family!


Grade 5-6 students learn new life skills


The Grade 5-6 students learned how to crochet and sew in CTF class. They put their knowledge to the test and sewed their own pencil wrap cases; they even sewed crayon versions for younger students in the school!


Indigenous day of learning

Students at Bonanza School enjoyed a fun-filled day with PWPSD Indigenous Service Providers Andrea Rosenberger-Deleeuw and Rachelle Bell. The Indigenous Education team travelled to each class, sharing stories and teaching the students about Indigenous culture.


Students in Kindergarten – Grade 2 learned Métis jigging and had the opportunity to show and share their new moves.


The Grade 3-4 class listened to a presentation on boys with braids and were able to relate the information to Pink Shirt Day and the importance of kindness.


The Grade 5-6 class also enjoyed some jigging and were encouraged to create their own ‘fancy step’ for the jig.

Braves with Braids

The Grade 7-8 students watched Braves with Braids, an Alberta-made documentary that explores the significance of Indigenous braids and the effects of bullying. Many of the students loved that Ethan Bear, Indigenous Canadian NHL player, was in the film.


Students visit Worsley for annual ski trip

Ski trip

The Grade 5-8 students were thankful for the perfect weather during their fun day of skiing!


Have a Heart Day

Have a Heart Day

Have a Heart Day is a child and youth reconciliation event that brings together caring Canadians to help ensure Indigenous children have the opportunity to grow up safely at home, get a good education, be healthy, and be proud of who they are.

Students and staff at Bonanza School participated in a variety of activities to raise awareness and funds for the Have a Heart Society and Networks ministry, a local foodbank. A few boxes of food came in for the food bank and the school raised $175 dollars from cookie and float fundraisers. For every food sale and/or food item brought in, every student's name was entered into a draw. The two winners were Eli Weber and Memphis Maxwell!


Bonanza celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day

Bonanza staff were visited by leprechauns while the students set out traps to catch them!


Clairmont Community School

Students celebrate winter


Students and staff at Clairmont Community School celebrated winter with a Winter Fun Day! Students in Grades 1-3 participated in fun winter activities at the school; Grades 4-6 went to the County Sportsplex for a day of skating; and the Grade 7 and 8 students visited Nitehawk for some skiing and snowboarding.

Thank you Jackie Benning for helping the Division 1 students learn to snowshoe, and thank you to the Co-Op for donating icing to our cookie decorating station!


Eaglesham School

Students take on community members in Broomball


On March 9, junior and senior high students from Eaglesham School took on a team of community members in a friendly game of Broomball. The community team was made up of teachers, parents, grandparents, bus drivers, a county councilor and even a PWPSD board trustee!

The game took place at the West Smoky Recreation Centre and the stands were full of elementary students cheering on both teams. Two MVPs from each team were chosen by the audience and announced at the end of the two periods of play. Thank you Mike McKay for organizing such a fun event!


Hythe Regional School

Grade 2-3 students learn about coding

Bee Bots

Mrs. Montes, Educational Technologist, guides students through some basic coding.

Students enjoyed some hands-on learning using Bee Bots, friendly little robots that help teach sequencing, estimation, and problem-solving.


Mrs. Godel’s Grade 1s have been busy!

Starry Night

The Grade 1 students spent some time learning about artist Vincent van Gogh. They even created their own Starry Night paintings using acrylic paint!

100 days of school

The class celebrated the 100th day of school by creating their own t-shirts, decorated with 100 thumb prints, necklaces made from 100 Fruit Loops, and a visit from Zero the Hero.


After making their way through all the different versions of the gingerbread man stories, the student wrote and mapped out their own versions, including stories with foxes.


Jr. high students compete in Panther Olympics

Panther Olympics

The Panther Olympics were a huge hit with the junior high students, who participated in a number of Olympic events during their noon hour recess. Students competed in: Speed Skating, Figure Skating, Curling, Skeleton, Bobsleigh, and Biathalon events. Thank you Mrs. MacAlister and Mrs. Heslop for organizing the Games!


La Glace School

Ladies Curling Team brings home gold


(Left to right): Piper Moodie, Tori Jonzon, and Mia Whitford (Missing): Kate Goodward

Congratulations to Mrs. Moodie and the La Glace Ladies Curling Team on their gold medal win at Zone!


Pi Day celebrations

Pi Day

On March 14, the Grade 6-9 math classes participated in Mrs. Moodie’s Pi Day activities. The students learned the significance of Pi, wrote their own stories using the numbers of Pi (3.14159…), and of course, no Pi Day celebration is complete without pi[e]!


Kindergarten students get a visit from volunteer firefighters

Fire engine


The Hemingsons, who are volunteer firefighters for La Glace and area, paid the Kindergarten students a visit and taught them about fire safety. Students had the chance to see the different safety equipment and tour the shiny red fire engine.


Future Automotive Engineers

Automotive Engineers

Mrs. Ottahal’s Grade 3-4 Science students have been studying simple machines. Their latest challenge was to create working wheels and axels for Styrofoam ‘cars’.


Peace Wapiti Academy

Band students perform in Youth Wind Symphony of Alberta

Iva and Liam

Iva Henheffer and Liam Mahood performed as part of the Youth Wind Symphony of Alberta on March 6, 2022.

The Youth Wind Symphony of Alberta is Alberta’s honour band program for talented high school musicians from across the province. It provides high school aged musicians the opportunity to work with some of the finest concert band conductors recognized both nationally and internationally, grow musically, and meet other musically vibrant instrumentalists.

Approximately 75 Alberta students participated in the event. They practiced for a total of 26 hours together and performed in front of 700 people at Red Deer Polytechnic.

Congratulations Iva and Liam on being part of such a prestigious event!


Penson School

Pi[e] Day!

Pi Day

Students and staff enjoyed their own mini pies in celebration of Pi Day.


Students head to Nitehawk for a day of fun


The Grade 4-8 students enjoyed a full day of skiing and snowboarding at Nitehawk for the first time since 2020. The day was full of laughs and fun as students participated in lessons in the morning and cruised around the hill with their friends in the afternoon.


Ridgevalley School

Athletes happy to be on the court


Ridgevalley School hosted a successful Little Smoky Jr. Basketball tournament, and were happy to have their fans back. Go Raiders!


Scientists in the making


Grade 5 students Maddox Sloat and William Brochu test out their own anemometers in the chilly winter weather.


Grade 5 students test their scientific knowledge and get messy with volcanoes.


Sam Worries and Sawyer Graham measure electricity with lemons in their Grade 5 science class.


Grade 7 scientists Stephanie Wohlgemuth, Annika Brochu, Grace Terrico and Tessa Dillabough test their school-made egg protectors.


Raiders go skating


The Grade 1-7 students enjoyed a few days of skating as part of their P.E. class.


Raiders place second at Clairmont Kodiaks ‘B’ tournament


Congratulations to the junior high Girls basketball team!


Robert W. Zahara School

Students can’t get enough of the Seven Series

Seven Series

Mr. Wilson’s 5C class has been reading up a storm! The students dove deep into the Seven Series, a series of books written by seven famous Canadian authors, including Sigmund Brouwer, a friend of Mr. Wilson. The students enjoyed comparing the authors’ styles and discovering how the books are all intertwined. The series has become such a hit that Mrs. Campbell, RWZ’s librarian, can’t keep up with the demand!


Students join FinS program


Students at RWZ have joined the FinS (Fish in School) program, a unique program that works with schools across the province to raise rainbow trout that will eventually be released into local bodies of water. Over five months, students and staff work together to maintain and monitor the development of the fish – from egg to fry – in a school aquarium. This includes cleaning the water in the tank, monitoring pH levels in the water, and feeding the fish to ensure the trout stay healthy. The Bow Habitat Station in Calgary, AB also provides webinars and videos for students to learn more about rainbow trout and raising fish for release.

This June, the fish will be released into a nearby body of water that has been strategically picked by scientists.


Savanna School

Students tour Savanna Water Treatment Plant

Water treatment plant

Mrs. Sauder’s Grade 9 Environmental Chemistry students enjoyed their tour of the Savanna Water Treatment Plant this month. The students were able to see what they have been learning about in a real life application. They even had the chance to test for pH, clarity and chlorine, and see all the steps involved in getting water from raw to potable.


Sexsmith Secondary School

Sabres bring the heat at Wrestling Provincials


Congratulations to the Sabres’ wrestlers on bringing home the hardware! The girls even earned themselves the Provincial banner for the 1A/2A Schools. In addition to the banner, the athletes won three bronze and two silver medals. We are so proud of all your hard work and overall performance!


Sexsmith curlers make history at Provincial tournament


Congratulations to the Senior Boys’ and Girls’ curling teams on their two gold medals at the ASAA Curling Provincials! Both teams became Alberta’s newest Curling Champions for 2A schools, all while making history, as no other high school in Alberta has ever won two Provincial titles at the same event.

The girls went undefeated throughout the tournament, and the boys, who have been curling together since Grade 4, celebrated their monumental win as their last competitive curling event together. Coaches Mr. and Mrs. Bogdanek could not be more proud!


FSL students get a taste of French culture

Sweet Treats

Mr. Danylchuk’s FSL 20/30 students got to enjoy a taste of French culture during this year’s Maple Sugar Festival. Maple sap boiled into syrup and poured over snow, a traditional sweet treat which comes from Québec heritage, was enjoyed by all!


Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler on the Roof

Thank you Mrs. Hartman and Mrs. Fedchuk for taking our Drama and Band students to the Grande Prairie Live Theatre’s production of Fiddler on the Roof! It was an enlightening and enjoyable experience for everyone!


Spirit River Regional Academy

Dancing their way into spring


SRRA students in Grades 1-12 enjoyed learning different dances from StepRight Dancing; they learned different line dances, and how to two-step and swing.


Upcoming events

  • April Fools’ Day: Friday, April 1
  • Classes resume: Monday, April 4
  • PWPSD General School Councils’ Meeting: Wednesday, April 6, 6:30 p.m.
  • Green Shirt Day: Thursday, April 7
  • World Health Day: Thursday, April 7
  • Good Friday, no school, PWPSD offices and shops closed: Friday, April 15
  • Easter Monday, no school, PWPSD offices and shops closed: Monday, April 18
  • Earth Day: Friday, April 22
  • Administrator Meeting: Tuesday, April 26
  • Administrative Professionals’ Day: Wednesday, April 27
  • National Day of Mourning: Thursday, April 28
  • Next Board Meeting: Thursday, April 28, 10:30 a.m.

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